Send Me Your Story

Hi everyone!

It is so easy to submit something to be published in your Spokesman or on your website! With the internet you can send me an email with your story and/or photos just my clicking on the link below.

I am challenging all of you to at least send me one story, article or photo with a description. Let’s see how many people actually read this stuff on the internet!

I am asking all of you to dig deep and find that story from the 1990’s, Find those pictures from one of the Rallye’s you went on, a photo and/or story from SteakBake, a race you worked or a meeting you attended. 

I know that there are Members that are far away who would enjoy hearing about what is going on with the club activities! Also, I know that people here would love to hear what our Members & Friends from afar are up to. I know I sure would! 

Let’s face it, the Spokesman is getting a little sparse and we need content. I would really love to have too many submissions than the lack of submissions.

I want you all to remember that the Spokesman and the Website are YOUR sources’ for info regarding the club activities and its members.

Thank you 

Your Spokesman Editor and Webmaster


Updated 5/7/22