August Presidents Message

Sandi Sherwood

Hi Everyone! 

Well it is still a slow part of the year for LBMG.But we will be getting under way soon with SteakBake! That is on August 18th.This is always a great time.A time when you get to see people that you haven’t seen in a long time and of course the usual people that we see more often.There will be lots of fun, cars and food.So I hope to see you all at this years SteakBake.For more information please see pages 4 & 5.

This Summer has made me think of Family & Friends.They are so very important.Life can be very dull if you don’t keep yourself involved with them.Over the past 2 weeks, my Granddaughter has been staying with us.She is 17 and full of life.We went for a drive along PCH, She came to the General Membership Meeting and helped with clean car, of course no visit is complete without going to the Mall! AnnaMarie is a blessing and we loved having her stay with us.She made the 2 weeks go by so fast.She has gone home now, but with the wonders of technology, I can FaceTime, text and talk to her everyday! I wish I had that with my Grandparents.

LBMG has been part of my Family for many years.You all mean so very much to me.I am very proud of this club, and I am very thankful for all of you! 

So everyone remember, life is short, Family & Friends are there for you and you should always spend time with them.

Stay Cool


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