July 2019 Presidents Message

2019 President - Sandi Sherwood
2019 President - Sandi Sherwood

happy 4th

Hi Everyone, 

It’s July! Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying your Summer! It has been a nice one so far! Hope it stays that way.This is the time of the season to be out barbecuing and spending time with friends and family.Especially on or near the 4th, but please be safe and sane with the fireworks! 

At the end of this month we have SteakBake.Please remember to get your RSVP to Marilyn by July 21st ( See the June Spokesman for more information).I can’t wait, it is always a lot of fun.I’m sure you all have you table decorations ready or at least in the works! I usually end up waiting til the last minute!!!! LOL 

Our next Rallye is Double Day on September 7 & 8 to Tehachapi! I am looking forward to that! Our racing season is on break til September 14 & 15.

So everyone have a GREAT summer and see you all soon!


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